10 самых прадаваных модных тавараў 2022 года

10 самых прадаваных модных тавараў 2022 года

We are now at the least quarter of the year 2022. A lot has happened, trends have come and go. In this list we compiled, you can find out top random picks for this year from PlusMinusCo store. 


1. Складаная чорная сумка з натуральнай скуры для жанчын


Every woman should have the ideal leather handbag, and leather bags are almost always a good investment. A leather handbag is guaranteed to last because leather is one of the highest quality and most durable materials available. Furthermore, leather is extremely adaptable and never goes out of style, allowing you to add a touch of style and a high-end edge to any look.
A bag trend is rarely more than "in style this season" when it first appears. Trends shift over time. Leather bags are one accessory that is always in style. Because of the qualities of leather, such as its sturdiness, gorgeous tones, or the silky feel of a hand waxed finish, leather bags are always in style. The only thing that changes with trends is the size of the leather bag.

Larger leather handbags are very likely to be in style for the coming year as we approach the end of the year and notice oversized bags emerging as the runway's statement piece. Many of our customers like to keep a small, medium, cross body, and large leather bag in their closet so they can switch them out depending on the size and style of the season.

2. Велічны фантан вады Арол

Statue outdoor fountains draw on the elements of life to enhance the intangible benefits of decorative water features beyond their calming effects to include inspirational sentiments of pathos and humor. These benefits of decorative water features go beyond the calming effects that decorative water features are known for. This is the most profound aspect of the art of creating fountains, but only when it is done correctly and in a setting that is inviting.

3. Зялёная атласная начная кашуля з вышыўкай Начная сукенка Шаўковы піжама

When most of us think of contemporary satin, we think of slip dresses. However, it can be used to create almost any silhouette you can think of. As a result, whether you prefer oversized silhouettes or clothing cut close to the body, you will not be immune to this dress trend. Because of their opulent appearance and feel, satin dresses are expected to be very popular for summer weddings and social events.

However, you are not required to keep them only for formal occasions. They can also be worn for less formal occasions with a simple change of shoes. This beautiful silk slip dress in a gorgeous emerald green color is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe. 

4. CSPB CSSML NDSMD Касцёл Святога Бенедыкта Нурсійскага 

Wearing the medal on a regular basis places us under St. Benedict's special protection, especially if we believe in both of their great virtues—the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ! There are numerous fascinating facts about this medal. It guarantees that we will be given strong assistance in avoiding the devil's traps and obtaining spiritual graces such as conversion and victory over temptations, personal animosities, and general negativism.

5. Інь Ян кулон каралі для пар або BFF 2 шт

Looking for a separable yin yang pendant? This beautiful necklace, symbol of complementarity, will make a perfect gift for the person of your choice! Do you want a lavish gift for a couple, a gift for a couple of friends, or a gift for a couple that will delight your partner and is appropriate for any occasion? Give him this beautiful necklace so that they can share it. One of the couple's long-term goals was to create this lovely yin-yang couple necklace. One of the most popular choices for a couple's gift right now!

Because of its two halves that join to form one, this yin-yang couple necklace serves as a reminder of the importance of love in a relationship. The necklace for this couple is made up of two 55 cm gold-plated chains, so each wears a portion of the pendant.

6. Падвеска з егіпецкага падвескі з анкскага крыжа для мужчын

The ankh, a lovely cross-like symbol, has long been documented in writings and artifacts from Egypt. Its meaning as the Egyptian word for "Life" is well known, and over time it has come to represent this idea globally.

The phrase "may you be healthy and alive" or "alive, sound, and healthy," which was frequently used as an honorific address to pharaohs in writing, also frequently uses the ankh symbol to convey a positive message. The Ankh served as a metaphor for continuity because it represented life in this world and the next.

7. Кружка EBITDAC || EBITDA Пасля падарунка бухгалтару Corona Кружкі

Surprise and make your colleagues laugh when they see your new EBITDAC mug. Cheer people up during these hard times. Perfect gift for family or friend who works in finance and/or the accounting world. CPA and Accountants definitely drink a lot of coffee! Well, let them be happy too!

8. Жаночыя спартыўныя шорты спадніца плиссированная ёга скорт - фітнес

Exercise skorts allow you to move freely while still looking feminine and having clean lines. A skort can be worn for almost any activity, including uphill cycling and hitting a tennis ball on a court. This skort is ideal for a variety of activities, including running along the beach's edge and golfing. It has a comfortable fit, a wide, mid-rise waistband, and moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and cool while working out.

9. Шакаладная тэабрамінавая малекула Структура кулона

Ah, chocolate. Despite its bitter taste, we love it dearly. Perhaps this has something to do with the serotonin and dopamine released into our brains when we eat it. Chocolate has many psychoactive chemicals: sugar, caffeine, anandamide (the bliss chemical), tryptophan, and the favored symbol of chocolate: theobromine.

This necklace is based on the shape of the theobromine molecules. The pendant is made from quality, recycled/reclaimed sterling silver, is 1.5 inches wide, and is attached to a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 to 18 inches. It closes with a lobster clasp.

10. Zodiac Mug

A staple gift for the holidays but make it more personalized. Ceramic mugs with zodiac sign prints are intuitive and adds a thoughtful touch to the basic gift. There are a lot of variants of this mug for all the zodiac signs at PlusMinusCo - Etsy

Feel free to browse the shop for more items that interests you! 

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