Мужчынскі бранзалет Infinity з натуральнай скуры, чорны ланцужок для рук

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Our Infinity Men Bracelet Genuine Leather Black Hand Chain Friendship was made of high-quality material braided leather bring you soft and comfortable wearing feeling. Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place separately or individually wrapped in tissue to prevent scratches.

  • Adjustable Length, suitable for most people's wrists, elastic cord design, easy to put on or take off. Longer Time to wear.
  • Maintenance Tips: if you take off your bracelet when you bathe and swim, the bracelet will last longer.
  • Material: Leather/zinc alloy.
  • Колер: чорны.
  • Size: Length 8-inch supernatural leather bracelet.
  • Design: skull and rings, decorative braids
  • Даўжыня of the bracelet is 20cm, шырыня is 1cm

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