Сэксуальнае лета 2шт сарафаны для начнога жаночага жаночага адзення міні-кімона, сукенка для ванны штучны шоўк, спальныя вырабы

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Purple kimono pajama ensemble for women, the pinnacle of glamour at home

To feel feminine and elegant even at home, at the exit of the bed or bath, put on this soft and fluid kimono pajama set. The fabric is very pleasant to wear and graciously falls on the curves of your body.

  • Material: rayon satin and polyester
  • Set composed of: a nuisette, a kimono and a ribbon belt
  • Kimono length and nuisette: mid-thighs
  • Kimono sleeves: 3/4 with straight cut
  • To choose your size, please refer to the size table below.
памер Рэкамендаваны памер Рэкамендаваны вага
M 155 160 см 45-55 кг
L 160 170 см 50-60 кг
XL 165 175 см  60-75 кг

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